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Best and Easy Ways to Import Mbox File to Gmail

by Subhash Chander - 26 May 2022, Thursday 48 Views Like (0)
Best and Easy Ways to Import Mbox File to Gmail

MBOX format is supported in more than thirty email applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird Apple Mail, Zoho Mail and more. and is a powerful system to manage various mailboxes and folders. It is actually not a file for data, rather a database that new emails are added to the last.

User Need to Import MBOX file into Gmail account

It is difficult to transfer MBOX files into the Gmail account because MBOX is an archive file for databases as well. Gmail is an internet-based service which doesn't create any database or data files. Therefore, you need to find ways to store information securely.

Method #1. Create an account with Gmail in Thunderbird.

If you just need email, then connect to your existing Gmail account to Thunderbird by using the IMAP connection. You can then transfer emails from other accounts into Gmail. This will be useful for email only.

  1. To connect your Gmail account to Thunderbird Go to Tools and Account Settings.

  2. In the Account Actions select the option to add a Mail Account.'

  3. Connect to your Gmail account with IMAP credentials and then restart Thunderbird.

  4. When you've connected Gmail after that, you can go back to your old account, and navigate to the folder with contents you want to be sharing.

  5. Select many emails. Then right click and select Move To > Gmail account>>folder name.

It will transfer the chosen emails of other email accounts into Gmail effortlessly and also move their attachments , too.

The process is not without its limitations.

  1. It is only able to move only a certain number of mails to Gmail.

  2. There is a chance of duplicates on the account that is intended for.

  3. A single account cannot be transferred to Gmail.

  4. The user could transfer email to different accounts accidentally.

Method #2. Make the MBOX file and then import it into Thunderbird

Gmail stores its contents online, but you are able to download the entire Gmail contents to an MBOX file, and then transfer this file to the Thunderbird application using another Gmail account. The file will transfer your entire mailbox with ease.

  1. Go to Google Takeout. It's an online platform which allows you to access all services offered by Google account. Use the URL -

  2. Select all the apps, and then check only the box before the Mail option. It will state that attachments and messages from Gmail will be saved to the Gmail account will be saved to MBOX format.

  3. When you've selected Mail and removing other applications, go to the Next Step.

  4. Choose the frequency, type of file and the file size you want in order to save the information from Mail. Click the Create Export option.

  5. Google will begin to develop an export file containing all emails.

Google will need time to make Export file. It will take a few minutes, then when you have created the Export file, you can click Download.

It will download as an archive file. When it is opened you will see it's an MBOX formatted file.

  1. Open your Thunderbird application and log into account. Gmail account. Right-click on the account and choose ImportExportTools and then select to import the Mbox as a file.

  2. Select to import directly one or more Mbox files.

  3. Choose your MBOX file from the download location.

  4. The brand new MBOX file will begin to scan your Gmail account in a separate folder.

Limitations to the process

  1. It's a lengthy process since Google requires a lot of time to produce an export document. Sometimes, it takes days.

  2. The MBOX file can be corrupted on the computer prior to uploading to Thunderbird.

  3. MBOX files can be quite large. However, Gmail can contain up 15GB of storage.

  4. What's inside the MBOX folder are not available on the Gmail online accounts.


Moving offline content out of MBOX files to Gmail account is a challenge and manual methods is able to only create data within Thunderbird. This will not make information accessible to the Gmail account, and the manual method is not able to do the task.

If you really need the MBOX file's contents to be incorporated into Gmail and other Gmail accounts, you must employ an expert MBOX converter software that selects the MBOX file as the basis and transforms it into various formats. Certain converters are able to transfer content directly to Gmail and other accounts on the web. This is why you should utilize the tool and move MBOX files in Gmail as it can also make information available in online mode as well.