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Terms such as "Our," "Us," "We," or "Company" refer to chattycathy collectively and individually, whereas phrases such as "Your" and "You" refer to the users. The policy functions as a type of electronic contract. It was established under the Information Technology Act of 2000, and the regulations established here are by the provision of electronic records or documents in various legislation modified by the Information Technology Act of 2000. The policy does not need any type of signature, digital, physical, or electronic. The privacy policy is a document betweenchattycathy and you. The policy's terms have been specified and are effective upon your acceptance of the same. The contract will be in the form of an electronic document, and by clicking the I accept tab or using the website or other methods, you agree to the privacy policy conditions that are applied on the website. These acts will regulate your relationship with nazrein while you use the site. We have published this document and will construe it following the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (sensitive personal data and reasonable security practices) rules, which require the publication of a privacy policy for the use, transfer, collection, and storage of sensitive personal information or data.

Please read the privacy statement before using the website and expressing your understanding, permission, and agreement with the privacy statement. Please do not use the website if you do not agree with any of the conditions of the privacy policy.
By supplying us with information or using the website's services, you automatically consent to the storage, collection, transfer, and processing of any of your non-personal or personal info by us following the Privacy Policy. You, therefore, agree that any such use, acquisition, transfer, or processing of the data will not result in any unjust or lost gain to you or any other person.


Users are stated to be needed to provide particular information for the registration procedure to utilize the services on the websites, including 1. your email address, 2. your name, and 3. your address. 3. age, 4. gender, 5. a debit or credit card, 7. Sexual orientation, 6. PIN code 8. medical history and records, 9. biometric data, 10. interests, occupation, 11. password, and so on. The information provided by users can help us improve our website and deliver a more user-friendly experience. The required information is service-dependent, and the company may use the user's data for improving, maintaining, and protecting its services, including advertising services. It can use the development of developing new offerings. The information is not considered as sensitive even if it is freely accessible and available in the public domain or is found under the Right to Information Act, 2005.


We may require "cookies" or similar electronic instruments for collecting information to issue every visitor a random, unique number as a USER ID (User identification) to understand the individual's interests with the help of recognized computers to improve the site for users. We recognize you through the registration procedure, which needs you to provide certain data, and we have no other way of knowing you, even though we can assign cookies to your machine. Our cookies can only gather the information that you supply. Cookies are unable to access any data stored on your hard disc. recognized have no control over how advertisers assign cookies to your browser (if you chance to click on advertisements).

When you visit our website, our web servers might automatically gather information about the machine that is connected to the internet, such as your IP address. Keep in mind that your IP address is the number that allows computers connected to the internet to know where to transmit data based on the websites you have seen. Personal information is never extracted from an IP address. We have used the information to provide our web pages based on your interests, to personalize our sites to the advantages of our users, to allow our advertisers to know our location, to evaluate their visitor source, and to analyze traffic landing on our website.

Linking to Other Websites:

Our company's privacy policy solely exposes the policies that apply to our website. We give connections to a variety of different websites, and we have no control over them. We shall never be held liable for the content of these websites.

Information Sharing:

We now share sensitive personal information with third parties without getting prior agreement from users in the following circumstances:

1. If a court of law or an authority requires or requests disclosure for identification verification, investigation, prevention, detection, including cyber events, or punishment and prosecution of offenses. These disclosures are given in good faith and are required for enforcing the conditions and complying with the applicable rules and laws.

2. We often suggest sharing such information with its group companies, as well as employees and executives of such organizations, for personal data processing on their behalf. We guarantee that the receivers of the information agree to treat such information per the compliance and instructions mentioned in our Privacy Policy, as well as any additional security measures and confidentiality.

To correctively safeguard the information, we take suitable means to protect it against unauthorized data change, access, destruction, or disclosure. It may include internal data collection reviews, appropriate encryption, and physical safeguards against unauthorized access to systems storing personal data. The information gathered from our website to secure stored data and control databases. For servers that are saved in the firewall, the corresponding database is kept. Access to the servers is always password-protected and highly limited. We understand that no security system is impregnable and that we cannot guarantee the security of our database; nevertheless, we can promise that the information given will not be intercepted while it is transferred to us through the internet. Of course, the report contains the posting for the discussion section, which is accessible to everyone with an internet connection. The internet is widely acknowledged to be a dynamic medium. It may modify the privacy policy as needed and integrate modifications for the future. We, of course, make use of whatever information we obtain and will always adhere to the policy, independent of any new system that is short to be introduced.

Resolving Complaints

If you have any complaints, issues, or abuse regarding the content or breach of the above-mentioned conditions, please promptly notify the grievance officer listed above through email and electronic signature.
Mr. Faseeh Aamir, Grievance Officer,
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