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Most Affordable Places for Shopping in Delhi

by ruby singh - 19 May 2022, Thursday 96 Views Like (0)
Most Affordable Places for Shopping in Delhi

Modern Delhi, often known as Lutyens Delhi, has been around for more than a century. In terms of architecture, building materials, and layouts, it stands in contrast to Old Delhi. Aside from its well-known tourist attractions such as India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, and stunning architecture, India's historic capital is also the country's most vital trading center. All praise is due to Delhi's devastating shopping hubs, complexes, and top markets. 

Shopping is always at the top of any tourist's wish list when they visit Delhi. It's something that you can't get enough of. While shopping in Delhi, you will come across several wholesale markets, vibrant bazaars, and roadside flea markets in addition to high-end designer malls and exquisite boutiques. From accessories and fashion apparel to home decor items and imported food, Delhi has it all. These shopping malls cater to a wide range of budgets, tastes, and preferences. 

If you've been looking for a wardrobe makeover or want to get some trendy clothes without burning a hole in your pocket, whether you live in a PG in Delhi or with your parents, here's where you should go in Delhi: 

Now let us discuss the affordable places in Delhi- 

Chandni Chowk- 

Chandni Chowk, situated in Old Delhi, is one of Delhi's oldest and most famous markets. Chandni Chowk shopping takes you to a past era of Delhi's rich cultural and historical heritage.

Katra Neel, Dariba Kalan, Khari Baoli, Tilak Bazaar, Bhagirath Palace, Daryaganji, and Chatta Chowk are just a few of the market's many bazaars, each with its own unique selection of fabrics, electronics, hardware, kitchen equipment, and used books.

Dariba Kalan is known for its natural perfumes and pearl, gold, and silver jewelry. Allspice lovers must pay a visit to Khari Baoli. Fabrics such as silks, satin, crepe, cotton, and muslin are offered in Katra Neel's cloth mart. The largest market for electrical goods in Asia, Bhagirath Palace also sells medical equipment and allopathic medicines. Tilak Bazaar is known for chemicals, while Chatta Chowk is famous for semi-precious jewelry, embroidered bags, hand-painted wall hangings, and 'antiques.' 

Delhi Haat- 

Dilli Haat was established by the Delhi government over a century earlier and is now known as the government's mastermind. This open-air market is widely considered the best place to buy handicrafts from all over the world.

Traditional artifacts, different beads, gems, jewelry, footwear, Madhubani paintings, Phulkari works, camel leather tote bags, and bamboo-made handicrafts may all be available here.

Janpath Market- 

For Delhi residents, Janpath is the best flea market. Because of its extensive Tibetan vintage stock, it is also known as the Tibetan market. Janpath Market is well-known for its display of Indian and Tibetan apparel and footwear. It is also connected to Lodhi Road, which has a number of shops that will not disappoint you. 

Greater Kailash- 

Greater Kailash is a hotspot for girls and women in Delhi, with a slew of luxurious showrooms and retail outlets. With an endless line of stores, the market is divided into two blocks: M Block & N Block. The location is called the elite market of Delhi because of the cool vibe it gives off to its visitors. A search for designer clothing is likely to lead you to this beautiful place. This place, packed with local retail outlets, lifestyle stores, cosmetic shops, showrooms, and street food corners, is yet another popular affordable shopping destination in Delhi. 

Karol Bagh- 

This location contains everything you'll need for a wedding and is famed for satisfying a shopaholic's thirst. Aside from designer lehengas and jewelry for women and exquisite sherwanis and Indo-Westerns for men, the area is also home to some of the city's most well-known restaurants. Cosmetics, books, shoes, gadgets, and electronic items are also available on the market.

Ajmal Khan Road, known for inexpensive readymades; Ghaffar, popular for imported items; Arya Samaj Road, popular for secondhand books; and Bank Street, popular for gold jewelry, are just a few of the well-known shopping destinations in Karol Bagh.