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Rules All Men Should Know to Ace Smart Casuals Like a Style Pro

by ruby singh - 19 May 2022, Thursday 43 Views Like (0)
Rules All Men Should Know to Ace Smart Casuals Like a Style Pro

Smart casuals or business casuals are one of the many useful style trends in menswear that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Someone must have had a fashion breakthrough when they realized you could wear a blazer with denim or a suit with shoes and appear both comfortable and stylish.

However, getting the style just right can be hard. The final key to nailing this style is knowing the dress code, which clothing items fall within the category, and how to pair to create the perfect balance between work and play. There are a few rules to follow to ensure that you never make a mistake.

Here are the rules to stick by in order to nail smart casuals like a true blue-style pro. 

  1. Style a perfect balance- 

To look cool but not too cool for school, pair your formals and semi-formals appropriately. It means you should wear a combination of casual and formal attire. To make a summer blazer and jeans outfit look balanced, replace the crisp shirt with a solid T-shirt. Wear loafers or stylish slip-on. 

  1. The fit has to be perfect- 

The fit of your smart-casual outfit is crucial for it to look dressy and formal. You could wear chinos, a henley's T-shirt, or even a button-down pullover, but it won't look smart if it's baggy or not well-fitted. Even your relaxed fits must be the right size and not appear like they were borrowed from your older brother. 

  1. Steer clear of ripped or distressed clothes- 

Don't go overboard with the casual style. It must still appear that you are serious about business, albeit not very serious business. Anything that screams street style, such as ripped or torn jeans, worn-out looking shoes, logo tees, leather jackets, and so on, must be avoided in your smart-casual style. 

  1. Dress to the Occasion- 

The line between formal and casual employees is thin. Smart casuals blur the line, but it's crucial to know where it is so you're never under or overdressed for an occasion. Smart casuals are appropriate for social events, informal office meetings, after-work dinners with colleagues, and even first dates (if the setting is such and you want to dress to impress). They are not suitable for black-tie affairs or formal business meetings. 

  1. Accessorizing It Well- 

While a tie isn't appropriate for business casual, you can accessorize with luxury watches, classy spectacles or sunglasses, a messenger bag, and even a neck scarf to elevate your basic outfit. Not to add, the perfect footwear may make or break your outfit, so pick the right pick for your outfit.