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Fix a Trip Snorkel Cabo With Baja Snorkel

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Fix a Trip Snorkel Cabo With Baja Snorkel

You can go whale shark snorkeling in the company of a marine biologist or a certified whale shark operator during the cooler months of the year. One can only have these encounters in specific geographical areas. The whale shark's capacity to filter the water's surface for tiny plankton allows humans to swim beside these rare and gentle giants. Alternatively, if you're planning a day trip to Snorkel Cabo in the late spring or summer, you could be interested in snorkeling through a rock reef inhabited by tropical fish, sea lions, and corals. Only during specified times can you participate in this event. Find uncrowded stretches of white sand beach, bays, and coves.

What follows in any scenario are the parts that make up your snorkeling adventure: Transportation transfer from the greater Cabo area, a snorkeling boat with a swim ladder, a trained captain, and a registered guide are all included. Wetsuits, snorkel equipment, towels, and Reef-friendly sunscreen are all managed by Conan, aka the National Park Service. The Waterside Buffet Lunch at Captains, For details on Captains' open bar, including a stop at the famous Hotel California in Todos Santos, please visit

The waters of Isla Partida are home to an estimated 4,000 unique types of marine life. Dolphins, whales, and whale sharks are just a few examples. Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park is often regarded as the world's most successful marine reserve. La Paz Snorkeling Tours will take you to the calm waters along the beach in Balandra Bay and San Rafaelito, where you may explore the coral reefs. Snorkelers at Los Islotes are greeted by a troop of playful sea lions.

Most snorkeling excursions will supply the necessary gear, but you are welcome to bring your own if you like. You should bring or rent a wetsuit if you plan on swimming in the Sea of Cortez in the winter when temperatures can drop to around 70 degrees. When going on longer boat voyages, bring a small day bag that is resistant to water and stock it with necessities like sunblock, towels, as well as potentially dry spare clothing to wear at the beach and on the return trip.

Your licensed captain and your day's certified teacher will be waiting to greet you when you arrive at Captains. Both of them will be there with you for the duration of the tour. There, you can use the restroom to put on your wet suit and get ready for the boat ride. You can get a wet suit from this shop if that's what you're looking for. Contact Baja Charters & Excursions if you're interested in snorkeling tours Cabo.